Renzo Navarro

  1. Growing Pains
  2. I’m Sorry I Couldn’t Stay
  3. Big Spoon, Big Fork
  4. Ballet Positions, First to Fifth
  5. Postcards
  6. Others


Renzo Navarro is a photographer based in the Philippines who specializes in themes of liminality and transience. By manipulating the shapes of different materials, and through a mastery of light, space, and the tense relations between, Navarro has developed a unique stylistic approach to the abstract—one that betrays a tendency to reckon with the ephemeral. Whether we’re talking about “I’m Sorry I Couldn’t Stay,” where a truck’s metal surface reflects the iridescent lights of an unseen, bygone world, or “Boy Who Eats His Feelings,” a series of still life images that recall the glimmering shores of mythical underworlds, Navarro has a way of capturing what does not stay. One could interpret his work as escapist, hungrily imagining hypothetical elsewheres. It is more than that. Through defamiliarization, Navarro more often than not makes the subject of his work not just what is absent, but absence itself.